Google AdWords are The Only Way to Go!

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Michelle SEO ReviewDo you believe this quote: “The only way to prosper now is to pay for ads on Google and Yahoo.” “What happened with the Internet is that it almost turned on itself, with everybody and his brother having an Internet site.” This is what a small business owner recently told Michelle Slatalla, who has a column in the New York Times called Online Shopper. The gentleman’s argument was that if a potential consumer went and did a Google search for “vacuum”, 74,700,000 indexed pages came up for that term-therefore, you must pay to play according to him…I totally disagree. Read the rest of this entry »

Search for Customer Acquisitions

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SearchRank Blog has an interesting article for startups and small businesses looking to acquire customers. The study was done by Piper Jaffray and they conclude that search is the most efficient marketing channel for acquiring new customers, more than twice as efficient as yellow pages (selling yellow pages advertising was my first job out of college)!

One potential issue that I’ve seen with small businesses using search is their failure to measure their results. You wouldn’t do this in other areas of your business so be sure that you have analytics set up on your site and do set a budget with a limit before you start any AdWords campaign. I’ve seen some AdWord advertisers get a nasty shock when they got their first bill!

USA Today also had an interesting piece today about a small business owner. Cosmo Buono calls himself a technology “dinosaur”. Buono is a New York City piano teacher and wanted to find contestants for an international piano competition he’s staging. A student recommended he advertise on Google-So he went online and gave it a shot. His budget: $50. His response: 35 new contestants, so far. “I was up and running in 15 minutes.”

I love it when something works so well! Do your homework before you spend your advertising budget and hopefully you will have as much success!

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