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Search Engines Love Great Titles

All “A” list bloggers know the importance of a great title for your blog posts-and you should know and practice it with every post! Back on November 7th I wrote a post about my speaker buddy, Brian O’Malley. The title … Continue reading

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Blog Consutling:The Identity Blog

john sileo id theft speaker

We recently completed a custom blog for John Sileo, America’s top identity theft speaker. John experienced identity theft not once but twice and has a full speaking schedule helping corporations prevent data breaches. If you are a corporation there is … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing

I first joined the ranks of internet marketing when I decided to sell my custom crutches online. It was about seven years ago and I was able to have a website built for me that Google was never able to … Continue reading

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Custom Blog Themes vs Default Themes

Darren Rowse of Problogger had an interesting post in April about Custom vs Premade Blog Themes. For those doing everyday blogging just for themselves-the decision is pretty easy to take the free blog templates with the wide selection and new … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Black Hat SEO?

Internet Marketing

A client sent me a copy of an email last week titled Confessions of a Black Hat SEO. When I saw the client this morning at Starbucks I mentioned the article, and thanked him for passing it on. I then … Continue reading

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Denver SEO Events

Search Engine Optimization will be hosting two upcoming SEO strategy luncheons. The next session will be November 25, Saturday, at the Ulster Street Starbucks. The meeting will start at 9AM and go for an hour and a half. The meeting … Continue reading

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Starting an SEO Campaign


I met with a client yesterday at Starbucks, my second office. His goal was to start a search engine marketing program for a part of his business which has very high margins and great demand. His current website has a … Continue reading

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Write a Compelling Meta Description-For Potential Clients

Do a Google search for your domain name. The description that you see and more importantly, potential clients, comes from your meta description. Ideally, it incorporates, some keywords and a compelling reason for a potential client to click on your … Continue reading

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Building a Site for SEO and Customers

Todd over at Stuntdubl has a great post on 18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website. I’m going to give you a quick summary but you will need to go read his article to get the … Continue reading

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Search Engines Love Blogs


I received an email yesterday from a professional speaker. She asked: “I question whether a blog is the right medium-right now-to reach certain markets. I have a challenge getting some of my exec clients to even respond to emails. It’s … Continue reading

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