Search Engines Love Great Titles

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All “A” list bloggers know the importance of a great title for your blog posts-and you should know and practice it with every post! Back on November 7th I wrote a post about my speaker buddy, Brian O’Malley. The title was Team Building Speaker. The post was short and mentioned team building speaker a few different times to support the title of the post. Did the search engines reward the post? Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Consutling:The Identity Blog

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john sileo id theft speakerWe recently completed a custom blog for John Sileo, America’s top identity theft speaker. John experienced identity theft not once but twice and has a full speaking schedule helping corporations prevent data breaches. If you are a corporation there is nothing worse than reading about yourself on the front page of the Wall Street Journal-detailing how your corporation lost millions Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Marketing

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I first joined the ranks of internet marketing when I decided to sell my custom crutches online. It was about seven years ago and I was able to have a website built for me that Google was never able to find! Fortunately, I found the best coder in Colorado Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Blog Themes vs Default Themes

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Darren Rowse of Problogger had an interesting post in April about Custom vs Premade Blog Themes. For those doing everyday blogging just for themselves-the decision is pretty easy to take the free blog templates with the wide selection and new themes occurring daily. However, for those who are doing some serious Internet marketing, in very competitive categories, Read the rest of this entry »

Confessions of a Black Hat SEO?

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Internet MarketingA client sent me a copy of an email last week titled Confessions of a Black Hat SEO. When I saw the client this morning at Starbucks I mentioned the article, and thanked him for passing it on. I then said, nothing new but all valid points. He looked surprised and said : “We’ve never talked about My Space and how about Squidoo?” Alas, he was right-I didn’t think they were worth the effort at this stage of his Search Engine Optimization efforts!

Which brings up an interesting point for those doing their own Internet Marketing SEO efforts or for SEO firms helping clients-What are the biggest payoffs early in the game? Here is a list of things I focus on :
1. Get a blog to supplement your Internet marketing program-be sure that it is linked to your website and that your website is linked to your blog.
2. Set up your WordPress blog to automatically ping all the search engines.
3. With every blog post use your Technorati tags and tags. Those two things alone are huge and will greatly increase your traction with search engines.
4. Always use your keywords in your tags as well as your categories.
5. Give your readers an option to use RSS feeds as well as email sign ups.
6. Try to incorporate keywords in your URL.
7. Don’t only tag your keywords in Technorati and but also tag your keyword phrases.
8. Read your analytics program daily and incorporate keywords and phrases that potential customers are using to find your blog. A few of my favorites are : Site Meter, Stat Counter, Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.
9. Start an aggressive link building campaign.
10. If you have a website and it is nowhere to be found in the search engines the chances are pretty good you need a rewrite of your site. We recently did a modified rewrite for a client who had flash on his site. Less than a month later, critical web pages are showing up in Google searches. If I had to do it again-this is the very first think I would have clients focus on.

There you have it. These are the critical components I would focus on in your SEO efforts. There are countless other things you can do-but I feel these will give you the biggest bang for your buck!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and Holiday Season and we look forward to helping you all have a very prosperous Happy New Year!

Steve Mertz
SEO Priorities!

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Denver SEO Events

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Search Engine Optimization will be hosting two upcoming SEO strategy luncheons. The next session will be November 25, Saturday, at the Ulster Street Starbucks. The meeting will start at 9AM and go for an hour and a half. The meeting cost is $100 per person-Payable in advance.

The second SEO session will be December 5th, 1PM at Wellshire Restaurant, 3333 S. Colorado Blvd. This is a luncheon. The meeting cost is $100 per person plus you buy your own lunch.

The sessions will be limited to six participants and hand outs will be provided for you as well as some time for your individual questions. The sessions are ideal for those looking to learn SEO techniques and web design for optimum search engine friendly design. Blogs and Internet Marketing will also be covered and I think you will find that you can implement these strategies immediately! Please call me at 303-619-8972 for reservations.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization Meetings

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Starting an SEO Campaign

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starbucks.jpgI met with a client yesterday at Starbucks, my second office. His goal was to start a search engine marketing program for a part of his business which has very high margins and great demand. His current website has a page devoted to this business but the page has no page rank and is not optimized for keywords.

The first thing I did was do a Google search for his particular keyword phrase-I wanted to see what we were up against in the search engine result pages. I was ecstatic to see of the top 10 Google results-2 of the searches were nothing more than a PDF file-sometimes you get lucky. To make things better, there was a domain name available that contained critical keywords, which we immediately purchased. It was surprising to me that in this particular area there weren’t very many SEO savvy competitors-a fact that we will fully exploit!

As I was researching his competitors I was remembering the excellent interview that SEOmoz had done with Jeremy Schoemaker, of Shoemoney. He mentioned that he owned 10,000 domain names and that you could never own enough great domain names. I was happy that my client could purchase two new domain names that were keyword rich and in a very high margin area of business-Thanks for the timely reminder Shoemoney!

Our plan of attack will be include my favorite weapon of choice, a blog. The blog will allow us the opportunity to make good use of keywords and frequency of posting to compliment his web site efforts!

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and would like to explore search engine optimization strategies, please drop me an email or call me to discuss your possibilities.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization

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Write a Compelling Meta Description-For Potential Clients

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Do a Google search for your domain name. The description that you see and more importantly, potential clients, comes from your meta description. Ideally, it incorporates, some keywords and a compelling reason for a potential client to click on your link for more information. The meta description allows a maximum of 286 characters-so. choose your words carefully!

Not sure where to create your meta description? Go to this blog in an Internet explorer and click on “view”. Go down to “source” and click. You will then see the code behind my page. If you go down 7 lines you see Meta name=”description” content=(Place your description here) This is not going to help you in Search Engine rankings but is essential for you enticing potential clients to your site! Spend some time on your description and realize that it will be a work in progress-so, expect to fine tune it periodically. This is one of my Denver search engine optimization clients first homework assignments.

Want to see a great example? Go over to SEO Black Hat blog and you will see their meta description on their front page: Tired of useless Top 10 lists for ranking in Google etc… They held a contest for some creative genius to write this for them. Never fear maybe you could hire her to write one for you. You can find  Natasha Robinson at That Girl From Marketing. 

Steve Mertz
I wish I had Natasha’s Creative Flair!

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Building a Site for SEO and Customers

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Todd over at Stuntdubl has a great post on 18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website. I’m going to give you a quick summary but you will need to go read his article to get the details!

1. Do we have a brandable domain?
2. Who should we host with that will be reliable?
3. Do we need pretty urls and will we use sub domains?
4. What is your websites business model and how are we unique?
5. Who is our target demographic and what will they search for?
6. What will the information architecture be like? What are the important top level keywords?
7. What platform should we use?
8. How do we create a professional design?
9. How do we prove high credibility?
10. What ideas can we use for linkbait?
11. If we can’t create great bait, how do we buy, barter, and beg for links?
12. Where else can we advertise?
13. What will we use for tracking and analysis?
14. What will help increase conversions and/or actions and how can we provide users incentives to stay or return?
15. How will we keep administration simple for the entire staff to use?
16. How can we manage our reputation?
17. How do we make the site “cluetrain friendly” and build a strong community environment?
18. How do we scale and specialize for effective use of time?

Todd really has given this a lot of thought and has some great resources in this post. You can read 18 Questions here. Since I work with a lot of startups who are trying to get traction on the web-I think this is a list that needs to be addressed before you spend one dime of that angel investors money! More comments to follow.

Steve Mertz
Before You Spend $$-Read This!

Search Engines Love Blogs

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GoogleI received an email yesterday from a professional speaker. She asked: “I question whether a blog is the right medium-right now-to reach certain markets. I have a challenge getting some of my exec clients to even respond to emails. It’s hard for me to imagine them taking time out to read blogs.”

Like many small business owners she has spent money on a web site and various other marketing materials. I told her to quit procrastinating Read the rest of this entry »