Custom Blogs for Internet Marketing Success

Blogs formats are very conducive for search engine optimization. They can be one of your strongest allies for online marketing success. Blogs are dynamic and allow you to add new and keyword rich content. Search engines love blogs for that very reason-the more often you add new and unique content in your blog-the more often search engines will spider your site. Blogs are one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to ensure your business success.

Custom blogs can give you an immediate Internet presence

If you are a startup selling a new search engine or a professional speaker trying to get started, a blog allows you to quickly test the viability of your business. Once your custom blog is built you can be posting content 15 minutes later. By submitting your blog to blog directories and search engines you can start showing up in relevant searches in a short period of time. This can give you invaluable information as to the interest and profitability of your business venture.

Business Blogs That Reflect Your Professionalism

Our custom blogs can incorporate your logo and overall theme and are optimized to be search engine friendly. You will get traffic to your website and our expertise for converting traffic into that all important Cash Flow! Here’s what we do to help ensure that your blog is successful and how we translate that to your business success:

  • We help you choose a keyword rich domain name
    Identify categories that you want to dominate
    Perform a competitors analysis and determine a reasonable time frame and effort for you to have meaningful presence in a Google search
    Your blog will have your logo, photo, business description and bio information. Your color theme will be matched as well
    We will set your blog up so readers can subscribe using an RSS feed or email subscription
    You will receive 3 hours of personalized training on your blog. You can decide how you want to break up the three hours
    You will receive an additional 30 days of email support

The cost for your custom WordPress blog is $2450.00. You can pay 50% to get started with the balance due at completion. We have have clients who have been successful in their blog efforts-many on the first page of a Google search and some in the top 3 of a Google search. The question is how bad do you want it and are you willing to do the work? We welcome you as a partner on this journey!

Do you need an expert to speak on blogging? I can customize a presentation to your organization or association. Please contact me for details on being your next speaker for blogging.

Thanks, Steve Mertz