SEO Testimonials

March 27, 2008

Steve Mertz & Associates
9263 East Arbor Circle Unit B
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Dear Steve,

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Self Storage Association (PASSA), I would like to thank you for presenting “Website Optimization” and “Search Engine Optimization” to our owners / members at our annual conference in Harrisburg, PA on March 20, 2008.

Your expertise enabled PASSA’s members / owners to learn first hand the importance of a website, how to manipulate through the tough IT language while focusing on the self storage industry, and ways to get the best possible return from your website. This is a subject that is very important in the self-storage industry and the presentation you prepared made it very easy for our members to take the information home with them.

Our owners and members rated your presentation as EXCELLENT and included comments that you were very easy to understand and follow. Overall, the presentation exceeded our expectations as well as our members’ expectations. Our Board of Directors met briefly afterwards and stated that you were one of the best speakers they have ever had and complimented me on finding you to speak.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance to you in the future. Feel free to use our organization or me as a reference for potential clients. I have truly appreciated working with you. Thank you for your quick response time in working with me and our organization. You have been very helpful to our organization.

Best wishes for a great spring and summer!


Kimberly Cossar
PA Self Storage Association
Executive Director


Once again, the service and content you provide on “search engine optimization tips” is a direct benefit for what I do and how to improve my business. You have a way of wading through the technology and giving us the “behind the scenes” information that works.
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brad.jpgI’ve had lunch with Steve Mertz …Before I told him he must start charging for his information! Steve understands blogging and how it can build a huge web presence for you and make you serious money. Steve is not a “propeller head” and gives you advice that you can understand and implement immediately. Visit my site to see some his ideas in action. Brad Montgomery-motivational Keynote Speaker & Humorist

Steve, I enjoyed your seminar so much that I ordered the CD, which I rarely do-Kelly Hanna

Hi Steve-I wanted to say “Thank you” for a great program the other night. Enjoyed listening to you. There were some great ideas-Shep Hyken

Steve made complicated information easy to understand and implement. I’ve already made a major change to my site, thanks to his good advice-Thanks, Jean

Thanks to you Steve, I am finally getting serious about my blogging! I have been talking about it long enough-your talk at the NSA meeting inspired me to take some action. What a wonderful wealth of information. Thank you so much for sharing-Gina Schreck