Internet Marketing Success

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Internet marketingMany small business owners have depended heavily on the Yellow Pages to get their marketing message out. This type of marketing has made some business owners very successful-but times are changing. Consider this:

  • A recent study by the Kelsey Group, an independent research organization, found that 43 percent of consumers search the web to find a local merchant.
    They also found that 54 percent of users have substituted the Internet for their phone book.
    51% of consumers conduct research online before making an off line purchase.

Having al your eggs in the Yellow Page basket may hurt Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Consutling:The Identity Blog

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john sileo id theft speakerWe recently completed a custom blog for John Sileo, America’s top identity theft speaker. John experienced identity theft not once but twice and has a full speaking schedule helping corporations prevent data breaches. If you are a corporation there is nothing worse than reading about yourself on the front page of the Wall Street Journal-detailing how your corporation lost millions Read the rest of this entry »