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I had the pleasure of speaking to some fellow bloggers last week here in Denver. We were discussing blogging techniques and how to plan an assault on the first page of a Google search. Whenever I’m consulting or speaking about blogs-I always emphasize the importance of a great blog title. Denver Bloggers

A blog title should ideally be short and contain keywords. This is one of my favorite SEO techniques. Once you have your title write two or three paragraphs to support it. The copy should be informative, unique and filled with keywords where appropriate. Stephan Spencer has a great article on this called Shorten Your Blog Post URLs So You Don’t Look Spammy to Google.

One of my greatest challenges when consulting on blogs is getting people to identify a Google category that they would like to dominate. Once you decide on the category you want to dominate then you know the supporting copy you need in your blog post. When consulting I always warn about being cute with blog titles-my cardinal rule is this: Don’t blog for therapy, blog for profit! Identify the category, use keywords and you will become a resource that others will seek out and hopefully hire!

Make 2008 the year of success for your business blogging efforts!

Steve Mertz
Blogging Consultant and Speaker

Blog Consutling:The Identity Blog

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john sileo id theft speakerWe recently completed a custom blog for John Sileo, America’s top identity theft speaker. John experienced identity theft not once but twice and has a full speaking schedule helping corporations prevent data breaches. If you are a corporation there is nothing worse than reading about yourself on the front page of the Wall Street Journal-detailing how your corporation lost millions Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Marketing Speaker

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I’ll be categorized as an Internet marketing speaker – not a search engine optimization speaker. This was the gist of a conversation that took place with a Speakers bureau this morning. She told me that most seo speakers either go into Internet marketing or Ecommerce – how could I argue with that? By the way, don’t even think of asking about search engine marketing speaker or blogging speaker – it’s not going to happen – unless Danny Sullivan wanted one of those categories added! Read the rest of this entry »

Denver SEO Guest Speaker

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I will be the guest speaker for SpeakerNet News Teleseminars on January 16th at 7:00pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific) The length is 60 minutes and the cost is $25. I have been asked to speak on Getting Your Web Site to the Top of the Search Engines. I’m honored to be the guest expert for SpeakerNet News and as regular readers know one of my favorite tools for cracking the top 10 of a Google search is blogs! I learned a ton about search engine optimization while taking Sales Presentations Training to the number 1 spot for a Google search. While I love blogs and appreciate the power they have with search engines-I will also be covering a fair amount of SEO techniques for web sites.

I’ve come to really appreciate great web site design and how it all starts with the code and making your web site search engine friendly. One of the topics that I’ve been asked to cover is How to determine if your web site designer has any ideas about SEO! We’ve all seen great looking sites that will never be found by Google! This will be a topic that every one should consider before hiring any web designer. Some of the other areas I will discuss include identifying the categories you want to dominate, Keyword and keyword phrase usage, tools for monitoring your sites results and the all important call to action!

I hope you can listen in but for those of you who have conflicts you can order my SEO talk on CD or MP3 if you prefer. If you have any great suggestions on topics that absolutely should be covered please comment or shoot me an email.

Steve Mertz
SpeakerNet News Speaker