Is Your Proposal (website) a Deal-Breaker?

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dianna booherDianna Booher is an esteemed member of the National Speakers Association. She recently had an article in our monthly magazine, Speaker. Her article inspired today’s post. Dianna is a much more eloquent writer than me so….bear with me! Dianna’s article is an attempt to point out to speakers that a self -aggrandizing proposal can easily keep you from being hired-what does this have to do with Internet marketing? Start looking at most of the websites around. They are a perfect example of corporations who put their brochure on the web and are not getting any business! You must write for the web and that audience if you want to be successful with your online marketing program.

In Dianna’s article she writes:

 “So, what’s Ridley Ridgette going to do for us.” “Well here’s his proposal if you’d like to skim it.” The EVP skims the first page and drops it back on the table. “I just read the entire executive summary. It’s all about what a great guy Ridley is. Didn’t you tell him our objectives for this meeting?”  “He gets into the objectives on page 2,” the assistant explains. 

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