SEO and Writing Great Copy

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Writing great copy for your website and using sound SEO principles can be one of the same. Potential customers must think that the copy is written just for them and the search engines must believe the same. If these two needs are not addressed you will find it difficult to succeed with an online marketing program.

For your SEO efforts you want each page to have its own meta description. This is something that your customers don’t see but the search engines must see a strong description summarizing the unique content on each page! Ask your propeller head how you can incorporate this Read the rest of this entry »

SEO and Professional Speakers

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The first assignment I give to a client is to identify the top three categories they want to dominate. Surprisingly, this proves to be quite a challenge for many. Whether you are an inspirational speaker or selling dog grooming trailers you must know where your potential clients might search for you. Specifically, what word Read the rest of this entry »