Is Content Still King?

Filed Under (Internet Marketing, SEO Content) by Steve Mertz on 22-03-2017

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Neil Patel has an excellent article on your Marketing Budget. Today, every business owner, big and small, have a lot of marketing distractions. They face issues such as how and what social media platforms should be used and of course, what tools will help them increase their ROI.

Fortunately, Neil has analyzed the tools and gives you very specific recommendations on which tools to consider for your marketing tools. Please go read the entire article and selectively use the tools that will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Neil points out that it’s really easy today to spend tons of money on the latest tools to analyze your website, visitors etc. but there is still one flaw that all the whiz bang tools won’t cure-lack of original and compelling content!

In my years of working with my own websites; I can tell you that I believe, content is still king. Your job is to tell your story but make it so riveting and compelling that new customers can’t wait to do business with you. It still surprises me to see some fairly good content on websites without a call to action. Always ask for the order!!

Go read and study Neil’s article and then look at your content before you spend any more money on tools! Good Luck.