Pennsylvania Self Storage Association

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Self storage units are top of mind for me today. A friend of mine was looking on the internet for the website of her storage unit. When she found it she was shocked to see how little information it really offered-lessons that I promise to share when I speak to the Pennsylvania Self Storage Association!

The website was old, it’s latest copyright was 2003. Those were the good old days when you just put your corporate brochure on a website and hoped that someone would find your site. If it’s been a while since you looked at your website for self storage please take a peek and be sure you include information that potential clients need. Some of that would include hours, after hours call numbers, location-don’t just give an address but include cross streets and well known landmarks. Especially for women-mention about security features and the lighting at your self storage. You can be sure that when I speak later this month at the annual conference of the Pennsylvania Self Storage Association, we will definitely cover these critical area for online marketing success!

PS I had a great time speaking and meeting members of the Pennsylvania Self storage Association. A special thanks to My Storage Works.

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SEO Speaker on the Road

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I’ll be talking SEO and website optimization in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on March 20th. The Pennsylvania Self Storage Association has invited me to speak to their members. Interestingly enough, the Association found me when they did a Google search for Website Optimization Speaker-you never know what related phrases will bring you SEO business!

It’s always great to speak to receptive audiences and educate them on the difference Read the rest of this entry »