Is Content Still King?

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Neil Patel has an excellent article on your Marketing Budget. Today, every business owner, big and small, have a lot of marketing distractions. They face issues such as how and what social media platforms should be used and of course, what tools will help them increase their ROI.

Fortunately, Neil has analyzed the tools and gives you very specific recommendations on which tools to consider for your marketing tools. Please go read the entire article and selectively use the tools that will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Neil points out that it’s really easy today to spend tons of money on the latest tools to analyze your website, visitors etc. but there is still one flaw that all the whiz bang tools won’t cure-lack of original and compelling content!

In my years of working with my own websites; I can tell you that I believe, content is still king. Your job is to tell your story but make it so riveting and compelling that new customers can’t wait to do business with you. It still surprises me to see some fairly good content on websites without a call to action. Always ask for the order!!

Go read and study Neil’s article and then look at your content before you spend any more money on tools! Good Luck.

Blogging Speaker in Las Vegas, Nevada

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I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 20, 2008. It will be my pleasure to speak at the National Speakers Association/Las Vegas Chapter. You do not have to be a member to attend this day of SEO tips, Website strategy and website optimization ideas.

Regular readers of this blog know that my favorite weapon for helping you Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Speaker

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What if you could hire the expertise of a SEO speaker for a discount of 50%? Would you do do it knowing that you were going to get the same world class presentation and your attendees would think you were a hero for bringing in a search engine optimization speaker? Of course you would-and with the Euro equaling 1.54 U.S. Dollars my International clients are getting the bargain of a life time! Unlike Giselle, the winner of the genetic lottery-I don’t require my fee in Euros! I still accept U.S. dollars for my SEO keynotes as well as my Website Optimization Workshops.

If you need an SEO speaker on short notice-don’t hesitate to call and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs and deliver a memorable and repeatable program to your association or organization. My SEO keynotes and workshops are customized to your specific needs and you can expect the highest quality presentation and a 50% discount:

Our owners and members rated your presentation as EXCELLENT and included comments that you were very easy to understand and follow. Overall, the presentation exceeded our expectations as well as our members’ expectations. Our Board of Directors met briefly afterwards and stated that you were one of the best speakers they have ever had and complimented me on finding you to speak.

Steve Mertz
U.S. Dollars Still Accepted

How to Implement a Blog/SEO Myths are Alive and Well

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Business Blogs and SEO are two of the hottest terms around these days. A day doesn’t go by and I read or hear about a newly minted SEO expert 😉 I’ve been seeing more searches for the phrase “How to implement a Blog on your Website.” So, being a dutiful servant of the reading public-I began to do some research. There are some “experts” who would offer you the following advice:

The main reasons for having your blog as part of your actual domain is that a blog on your domain can attract links to other areas of your site, increase visibility, improve publicity efforts, build trust, and raise your search rankings. Do you think this is the best SEO advice you’ve read this year? Read the rest of this entry »

SEO and Startups

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I found a great article by Randfish on Startups and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s called I’m Getting Pretty Tired of Startup Advice that Doesn’t Include Any Mention of SEO-amen!! Randfish is commenting on several articles talking about SEO and makes this cogent observation:

Let me be clear on this point-not one of those posts has the word “SEO” in it, nor makes any clear reference to getting traffic from search engines. I’m forced to ask myself-are these people idiots? Well, are you? Read the rest of this entry »

The Three Best SEO’s in The Land

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I ‘m sure we all have an opinion on who is the Best SEO in the land. The SEO Guy recently shared his vote. He named Rand Fishkin, Jim Boykin and Denver, Colorado’s own, The Knox! Congratulations to all three of you! I don’t personally know Rand or Jim but their work speaks for itself. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Knox and working with him for going on two years and he is one brilliant guy when it comes to understanding the complete SEO picture-putting money in the clients pocket!!

I know what you’re thinking…there are no great Women of SEO? Well, you’ll have to get a definitive answer from the SEO guy but I have mentioned several of them before. If you feel that you too should be on this prestigious list please do add a comment. Congratulations again to you three top dogs and keep adding to the clients bottom line!

Steve Mertz
SEO Speaker

Internet Marketing for Mom and Pop

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David Pogue has an interesting article in The New York Times today called Mom and Pop Get a Partner: Microsoft….Really? I enjoy David’s insights and the knowledge he brings to the masses-most of the time he is right on, case in point:

Has it come to this? Is Microsoft’s innovation engine so dead that the only way it can grow is to buy other companies? The answer is yes, David!

He goes on to say: Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Consulting

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I had the pleasure of speaking to some fellow bloggers last week here in Denver. We were discussing blogging techniques and how to plan an assault on the first page of a Google search. Whenever I’m consulting or speaking about blogs-I always emphasize the importance of a great blog title. Denver Bloggers

A blog title should ideally be short and contain keywords. This is one of my favorite SEO techniques. Once you have your title write two or three paragraphs to support it. The copy should be informative, unique and filled with keywords where appropriate. Stephan Spencer has a great article on this called Shorten Your Blog Post URLs So You Don’t Look Spammy to Google.

One of my greatest challenges when consulting on blogs is getting people to identify a Google category that they would like to dominate. Once you decide on the category you want to dominate then you know the supporting copy you need in your blog post. When consulting I always warn about being cute with blog titles-my cardinal rule is this: Don’t blog for therapy, blog for profit! Identify the category, use keywords and you will become a resource that others will seek out and hopefully hire!

Make 2008 the year of success for your business blogging efforts!

Steve Mertz
Blogging Consultant and Speaker

SEO and Writing Great Copy

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Writing great copy for your website and using sound SEO principles can be one of the same. Potential customers must think that the copy is written just for them and the search engines must believe the same. If these two needs are not addressed you will find it difficult to succeed with an online marketing program.

For your SEO efforts you want each page to have its own meta description. This is something that your customers don’t see but the search engines must see a strong description summarizing the unique content on each page! Ask your propeller head how you can incorporate this Read the rest of this entry »

SEO and Professional Speakers

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The first assignment I give to a client is to identify the top three categories they want to dominate. Surprisingly, this proves to be quite a challenge for many. Whether you are an inspirational speaker or selling dog grooming trailers you must know where your potential clients might search for you. Specifically, what word Read the rest of this entry »