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What if you could hire the expertise of a SEO speaker for a discount of 50%? Would you do do it knowing that you were going to get the same world class presentation and your attendees would think you were a hero for bringing in a search engine optimization speaker? Of course you would-and with the Euro equaling 1.54 U.S. Dollars my International clients are getting the bargain of a life time! Unlike Giselle, the winner of the genetic lottery-I don’t require my fee in Euros! I still accept U.S. dollars for my SEO keynotes as well as my Website Optimization Workshops.

If you need an SEO speaker on short notice-don’t hesitate to call and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs and deliver a memorable and repeatable program to your association or organization. My SEO keynotes and workshops are customized to your specific needs and you can expect the highest quality presentation and a 50% discount:

Our owners and members rated your presentation as EXCELLENT and included comments that you were very easy to understand and follow. Overall, the presentation exceeded our expectations as well as our members’ expectations. Our Board of Directors met briefly afterwards and stated that you were one of the best speakers they have ever had and complimented me on finding you to speak.

Steve Mertz
U.S. Dollars Still Accepted