SEO-Will Work For Lunch!

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SEO LuncheonAn SEO consulting client of mine was sharing his experiences with having a conventional web site for promoting his small business. He told me: ” that the website design before this one cost me $25,000 and the most recent updated site cost me $5,000.” He felt he got a heck of a deal…reminds me of President Bush: “Brownie-You’re doing a heck of a job.”  

Which brings me to our current conversation. He is putting up a blog. He has followed my progress for months and when he saw that my blog Sales Presentations Training was coming up #5 in a Google search-He was much more receptive to exploring internet marketing with a blog. He still wants to have his traditional web site but understands that blogs provide a perfect medium for search engine optimization and a high search engine placement.

Do you live in the Denver, Colorado area? If so, and you would like consulting on your search engine marketing efforts, give me a call at 303-619-8972. I offer Lunch with Steve for $100 a person with a maximum of six individuals. The two hour luncheon will give you a chance to ask your questions and discuss strategies..before you spend $25,000 for that “kickin” web site. 🙂

Steve Mertz

Let’s Do Lunch

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SEO Advice-Start With A Blog!

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Boulder, CO, SEO4startups.comReturn Path is a Colorado based company that is currently ranked #167 in the years’s Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Thanks to the heads up provided by Brad Feld who writes the blog, Feld Thoughts. What lessons might you learn from the success of Return Path?

The first one that really jumped out at me is the fact that they use a blog to tell the world about their products and services-not a conventional web site. Obviously, they have a great product with a strong management team to be able to achieve their current success-but go over and check out their excellent blog before you build a web site!

1. They have a very clean and uncluttered layout.

2. You can subscribe to their blog by RSS or email

3. Their posts are succinct and informative

4. They use keywords in their titles and posts

5. They have a Google page rank of 7-that is very strong and clearly shows that they are getting a lot of notice and a worldwide audience is seeing their message.

Clearly, Return Path is doing a great job and is another reason you may wish to explore using a blog to get your message out and more importantly, help generate Cash Flow for your startup!

PS Brad Feld is a Colorado based Venture Capitalist and I am also Colorado based-it’s that Colorado thing going on today! 


Steve Mertz

Great Job Return Path!

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How to Implement Your Blog Strategy

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It’s finally happened-you spent thousands of dollars on a web site and no one is visiting. Someone has convinced you that blogging may be a good choice and so you are here! Some of the best time you can spend is going to this free tool: It is the overture keyword search tool. I recommend that clients write down all the keywords and phrases that are important in their industry and in particular to their product and company. For example, when I started my blog of the first thing I did was go to overture and put in every word that I could think of. You see the results of my most important keywords on the title bar. I also have important keywords on the sidebar under “categories.” You should also be aware that more searches are incorporating phrases and not just keywords. For example, I have Google analytics on my blogs and it enables me to see the keywords and phrases that users are using in Google and other search engines. I highly recommend you utilize this free service. You can go to to sign up. It is a huge advantage for you to know what search terms your clients and prospects are using to find you. The report lags by a day but is invaluable and it shows me that some of the top keywords and phrases are: 

1. Sales Presentations Training

2. Salespresentationstraining

3. PowerPoint presentations

Make good use of this information in writing your blog and addressing the needs of your clients!

Making good use of your categories section is important for several reasons. It helps you categorize your thoughts and posts. Readers who go to your blog demand information and if your blog doesn’t live up to their expectations they will leave in short order. Search engines also love those categories that are rich keywords. Ultimately this will help you with increased web presence and a high Google page ranking. Spending some time researching your keywords and phrases will greatly help you in your search engine optimization results.

Steve Mertz

Laying the Groundwork for SEO!

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Search Engine Optimization Tips

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Every startup is very proud of their name and maybe they’ve even read a book on branding! Congratulations, you will have plenty of time to build your brand and your name-just don’t put it on the title bar of your blog. On this title bar I’m just having fun with my name to make a point but next week you will see the real deal.

Everyone who understands search engine optimization would concede that the majority of referred search traffic comes from Google, followed by Yahoo, MSN and then ASK, who has just a fraction. So it follows if you are going to make serious money from your blog you want to be high on the search engine placement. Furthermore, you want to rank high on Google search.

The reason I reiterate the importance of the title bar is because that’s what the search engines see first. On my blog Sales Presentations Training, you can see how I optimized keywords and you may wish to do the same. Nowhere on the title bar do you see my name. Here’s further proof: A major company who had their title bar optimized was getting ranked 3rd or 4th. They decided to put the company name in the title tag and it dropped to #22! This my friends could cost you a boat load of money!

It goes without saying that you need to have great content in your blog and use keywords effectively in your copy to bring readers back and get high rankings. But ask yourself this question: would you rather be ranked #1 in MSN search or #30 in Google? Take Google-you will be dollars ahead.

Steve Mertz

What’s in a Name

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Blogging for Startups

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Am I a startup? For our purposes let’s go with this definition: You are a startup if you have never entered the world of blogging. Even though I had been doing public speaking and seminars since the 1980’s-when it came to blogging as a money making tool, I considered myself a startup.

There can be a step learning curve if you are going to make serious Money from your blog and climb the Google ladder. Case in point: I started my blog Sales Presentations Training in March of 2006. I had no readers, no Google page rank and some fabulous competition. Today, if you do a Google search for “sales presentations training” my blog Sales Presentations Training comes up #1. I’ll give you some specific strategies and techniques that I used to accomplish this. The take away for all of you who may be startups is this: will you come up #1 on Google by blogging or building additional static web pages? For my money-blogging wins hands down.

Let’s look at two of my competitors in sales presentations training. The first one I would direct your attention to is the fabulous Patricia Fripp-Miss Fripp currently occupies the #2 spot on Google. I know Fripp personally; she has coached me and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She is also a world class trainer with lots of real estate in the cyber world. How do I know how much real estate she occupies? This is how I found out. Go to Google and put in . You should see that the results are 110 of about 428 from Simply put, she has over 428 pages of excellent material. See how this gets easier-Am I going to crank out over 400 new pages of excellent copy or am I going to start blogging? Please do yourself a favor if you are a startup and re-read this until you understand this critical point. It will save you a lot of grief and make you a ton of money!

If you are a startup I would urge you to consider using blogging as a tool instead of making more web pages unless you already have a substantial web presence. Why should you care where you come up in a Google search? I would estimate that by being #1 on Google-it will provide me an opportunity to generate $15,000 to $20,000 a month in additional business. The operative word being opportunity-We all have to be able to deliver the goods!

Steve Mertz
Blogging for Cyber Real Estate!

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Search Engine Optimization Tip-Don’t write to Aunt Jennie

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You may notice that on the title bar of this blog I’m having some fun with my name being very prominitely displayed. If your name is Willam Jefferson Clinton, George W Bush etc…then don’t bother to read this.

For the rest of us the title bar is the very first thing the Google, Yahoo and MSN spiders “read”. That’s why it behoves you to use keywords that potential clients might be putting in Google search. Where do you put Stevie Mertz-you may ask? I’ll show you soon. If you have any doubts about keywords use this free tool:  This tells you how many times a month your potential audience uses a  particualr keyword. Take the results you see and multiply that figure times 5 to get all searches including Google. Go ahead, type your name in and after it does not register-you will appreciate this advice!

If you have your name on the title bar without keywords I call that letters to Aunt Jennie because as I was going through an old scrapbook-I found a letter to Aunt Jennie. I wish you could see how prominitely Love, STEVEN was in that letter!

So, my first tip is to use that title bar to your advantage and after you finish your witty posts in your blog sign your name.


Steve Mertz

Aunt Jennie Would be Proud!


PS. By putting your name here the spiders will read it and with any luck if someone types in your name in Google, your blog will come up first-not a speakers bureau or funky site 🙂