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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 09-08-2006

Every startup is very proud of their name and maybe they’ve even read a book on branding! Congratulations, you will have plenty of time to build your brand and your name-just don’t put it on the title bar of your blog. On this title bar I’m just having fun with my name to make a point but next week you will see the real deal.

Everyone who understands search engine optimization would concede that the majority of referred search traffic comes from Google, followed by Yahoo, MSN and then ASK, who has just a fraction. So it follows if you are going to make serious money from your blog you want to be high on the search engine placement. Furthermore, you want to rank high on Google search.

The reason I reiterate the importance of the title bar is because that’s what the search engines see first. On my blog Sales Presentations Training, you can see how I optimized keywords and you may wish to do the same. Nowhere on the title bar do you see my name. Here’s further proof: A major company who had their title bar optimized was getting ranked 3rd or 4th. They decided to put the company name in the title tag and it dropped to #22! This my friends could cost you a boat load of money!

It goes without saying that you need to have great content in your blog and use keywords effectively in your copy to bring readers back and get high rankings. But ask yourself this question: would you rather be ranked #1 in MSN search or #30 in Google? Take Google-you will be dollars ahead.

Steve Mertz

What’s in a Name

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  1. Steve,
    Once again, the service and content you provide on “search engine optimization tips” is a direct benefit for what I do and how to improve my business.

    You have a way of wading though the technology and giving us the “behind the scenes” information that works.

    I just shared your tips with my friend at check it out.

    Brian O’Malley

  2. You\’re right about the Google and MSN thing when it comes to earning dollars but what i don\’t agree much is about what you mentioned on changing the title bar thing.

    Of course if you have a PR of 4or say 5 in Google recently and had your title bar changed afterwards, surely, your site\’s PR would dramatically drop down for the reason that it is as good as starting all over again.

    Read some posts on \”syntax effects on SEO and maybe you\’ll find out why.

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