Search Engines Love Blogs

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GoogleI received an email yesterday from a professional speaker. She asked: “I question whether a blog is the right medium-right now-to reach certain markets. I have a challenge getting some of my exec clients to even respond to emails. It’s hard for me to imagine them taking time out to read blogs.”

Like many small business owners she has spent money on a web site and various other marketing materials. I told her to quit procrastinating Read the rest of this entry »

Why Google Will Never Find These Sites

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SEO, Search EnginesI received an email this morning about website designs:

“We have been designing websites for speakers, trainers and consultants that insure the meeting planners a “user friendly” atmosphere to get to know you. Our website design is just $595.00 for up to 25 pages of information.”

Well, I am a speaker and work with a lot of speakers and other small business owners on Search Engine Optimization so I decided to look at some of the sites they touted in the email. I’m going to give you the links to these sites so you can learn why search engines will never find these sites.

The first one is Susan Zimmerman Speaks. The first thing I would point out is the title bar-the first thing that search engine spiders read-it says: Welcome Page. Surely those are not key words for Susan Zimmerman-she speaks on personal and fiscal growth!

The next thing to look at will require you looking at this site with Internet Explorer. Go to “view” and click on it..Then hit “source” and go down to where you see ” title.” While you are here look at “description” and “keywords”-Notice how those are blank? You can do the same thing on this site to see how they should be filled out for maximum SEO.

The next site is Jay Platt Speaks. Not much better results at this site. There are many other things that could be optimized on these sites including: keyword density, adding a categories section-this would allow you to use a ton of keywords. Adding a FAQ’s page-this also allows you to use keywords and answer burning questions.

These just scratch the surface of SEO techniques that could be employed but these sites are farily typical for many small business owners. For the $595.00 dollars they have spent, they have little more than an online business card that will be very hard for search engines to find. I personally would rather see them employ a blog and give themselves a fighting chance at being found by the search engines and ultimately clients that hire them!

Steve Mertz
Give Search Engines a Chance!

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Blogs and RSS Feeds Favored by B2B Users

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Whenever I talk to a small business owners I preach two things: get a blog and use RSS feeds to make it easy for clients and prospects to do business with you. According to SearchRank Blog a new study by KnowledgeStorm, supports these findings. Their survey was completed by more than 4,500 business and IT professionals around the world. Some key points:


80% claimed to be blog readers, with 51% of those reading blogs at least once a week. 

53% say they read blogs weekly for business information while 57% read them for technology topics.

As for referrals, 70% of respondents recommend or pass along content at least once a month.

More than 53% said that the content they read in blogs affected their work-related purchasing decisions.

32% are seriously considering starting their own blogs.

As for RSS feeds, 59% were ‘somewhat” to “very” familiar with RSS while 31% subscribed to RSS feeds or readers.

79% are accessing RSS feeds on specialized topics while only 36% are accessing blogs via RSS Feeds.


For all of you who are already using blogs and RSS feeds-You are ahead of the curve! 

Steve Mertz

Search Engines Love Blogs!

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Keywords in Your URL

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I work with a lot of Professional speakers and they always want to name their blog after themselves. I believe that you should purchase your name as a domain name but look at having your blog name include keywords. Matt Cutts , works at Google and writes his own blog. This is what he had to say about keywords in URL’s:“Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the title of a post in the URL; having keywords from the post title in the URL also can help search engines judge the quality of a page.”

It may not be of major importance but if you are in the business of making money with your blog-every little advantage helps.
Thanks to Search Engine Watch.

Steve Mertz

Keywords are Your Friends!



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