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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-09-2006

GoogleI received an email yesterday from a professional speaker. She asked: “I question whether a blog is the right medium-right now-to reach certain markets. I have a challenge getting some of my exec clients to even respond to emails. It’s hard for me to imagine them taking time out to read blogs.”

Like many small business owners she has spent money on a web site and various other marketing materials. I told her to quit procrastinating and get a blog. The blog could easily replace the emails and newsletters that she is currently sending. Since she is already writing-why not post to a blog with some frequency. Search engines love to send out spiders and see what you are writing. By practicing some degree of search engine optimization in her blog-search engines including Google, will look at her blog with a degree of authority. I recently had a speaker tell me that 75% of her new business came from Google searches-people who had no idea who she was-they simply had a problem and needed a solution. If you do a Google search for your keywords and your site comes up number one-Congratulations! For most small business owners this is not the case and a blog can certainly help you level the playing field. Pronet Advertising had a great post about doing a Google search for BMW 3 series coupe. A blog came up #4 in the search-BMW of North America was near the bottom of the search-Could your web site produce those kinds of results?

Prove it to yourself-do a Google search on your keywords and see how many blogs come up-then, if you are lucky enough to live in the Denver, Colorado area call me at 303-619-8972 for a consultation on how a blog may help jump start your small business revenues!

If you need a search engine optimization expert who is also a blogging speaker-you have come to the right place. My blog program is customized to your audience and they will learn how to use this powerful tool to increase web presence and revenues.

Steve Mertz
Blogging Speaker

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