How Long Will It Take Google To Find My Blog?

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 03-10-2006

starbuckscoffee.jpgI was in Starbucks yesterday talking to an entrepreneur. He is working on a book that will make math easy for even the worst of us. Naturally, my advice was to start a blog-even though he is not finished with his book.

He assured me he could not do that because his book won’t be ready until January of 2007-that’s when he would need a blog to help promote sells of his book…Really! Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your blog on January 1st and 30 days later your blog was completely indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN?
Start-ups often feel that they can’t start building buzz via a blog until everything is ready-Get over that misconception. Like all good entrepreneurs he is operating on a shoe string budget so he won’t be able to buy AdWords to get the word out. Rather, he needs to start blogging now, giving a tease now and then about his revolutionary teaching method and sharing his journey with readers. He also needs to start cultivating incoming links from influential sites-this all takes time!

It’s never too early to start telling the world about your great idea and start hoping that the search engines find you. I’d say he would be lucky if he started blogging today and had any meaningful traffic by January-What are your thoughts?

Steve Mertz
A Startups Journey

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