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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 25-10-2006

starbucks.jpgI met with a client yesterday at Starbucks, my second office. His goal was to start a search engine marketing program for a part of his business which has very high margins and great demand. His current website has a page devoted to this business but the page has no page rank and is not optimized for keywords.

The first thing I did was do a Google search for his particular keyword phrase-I wanted to see what we were up against in the search engine result pages. I was ecstatic to see of the top 10 Google results-2 of the searches were nothing more than a PDF file-sometimes you get lucky. To make things better, there was a domain name available that contained critical keywords, which we immediately purchased. It was surprising to me that in this particular area there weren’t very many SEO savvy competitors-a fact that we will fully exploit!

As I was researching his competitors I was remembering the excellent interview that SEOmoz had done with Jeremy Schoemaker, of Shoemoney. He mentioned that he owned 10,000 domain names and that you could never own enough great domain names. I was happy that my client could purchase two new domain names that were keyword rich and in a very high margin area of business-Thanks for the timely reminder Shoemoney!

Our plan of attack will be include my favorite weapon of choice, a blog. The blog will allow us the opportunity to make good use of keywords and frequency of posting to compliment his web site efforts!

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and would like to explore search engine optimization strategies, please drop me an email or call me to discuss your possibilities.

Steve Mertz
Denver Search Engine Optimization

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