Will Great Keywords Get My Site Number One on Google?

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 25-10-2006

Depends on who you are talking with-The web developer will tell you the key is a well designed site. The copy writer swears by great copy and Lisa Stewart at Search Engine Guide would tell you…It’s the Keywords Stupid!

How can you argue with her-she is absolutely right. I’ve seen many professional speaker web sites that have somehow managed to have an entire page of their web site without a single keyword on it-But they had great copy and a heck of a web design!

Where to start? Lisa suggests you write down all the keywords you THINK people are using-include family and friends in this process just to get additional views-then do the research to find if anyone else shares your thought process! Great article on keywords and here is the link to : It’s the Keywords, stupid!

I’m always fond of reminding startups and young businesses that they have more time than money and time spent on keyword research will pay off in spades!

Steve Mertz
Great Keywords Student!

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