Write a Compelling Meta Description-For Potential Clients

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 21-10-2006

Do a Google search for your domain name. The description that you see and more importantly, potential clients, comes from your meta description. Ideally, it incorporates, some keywords and a compelling reason for a potential client to click on your link for more information. The meta description allows a maximum of 286 characters-so. choose your words carefully!

Not sure where to create your meta description? Go to this blog in an Internet explorer and click on “view”. Go down to “source” and click. You will then see the code behind my page. If you go down 7 lines you see Meta name=”description” content=(Place your description here) This is not going to help you in Search Engine rankings but is essential for you enticing potential clients to your site! Spend some time on your description and realize that it will be a work in progress-so, expect to fine tune it periodically. This is one of my Denver search engine optimization clients first homework assignments.

Want to see a great example? Go over to SEO Black Hat blog and you will see their meta description on their front page: Tired of useless Top 10 lists for ranking in Google etc… They held a contest for some creative genius to write this for them. Never fear maybe you could hire her to write one for you. You can find  Natasha Robinson at That Girl From Marketing. 

Steve Mertz
I wish I had Natasha’s Creative Flair!

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  1. […] What you are seeing is the Meta Description of your business. This is something you can and should control. You want to have a Meta Description for every page-so it accurately conveys your message. If you don’t put in this description-then Google will take a shot at it for you. Sometimes you get lucky. Eric Enge over at Stone Temple blog did not have a Meta Description but when you put in a Google search for “seo temple” the Google snippet comes up with “This will soon be the most read web site in the SEO world.” Pretty cool that Google would put this snippet together. However, you may not be as lucky so if you have not done it-take the time to have a great and compelling Meta Description for every page of your website or blog! […]

  2. […] One more piece of techie talk: Every page should have its own unique meta title, description and keywords. Make them specific to what that page is emphasizing! See this related article on Write a compelling Meta Description. […]

  3. […] For this site I can’t over emphasize the importance of having each page having its own unique title, description and keywords. For example, when we click on “Meeting Facilities” remove the URL from the title bar and put in some killer keywords in addition to Meeting Facilities. Remember, this space is really for search engines so use it to your maximum advantage! Currently, this page has a title and keyword description  that are the same as every other page. There is no meta description at all. Adding a compelling meta description will help potential clients to click through to your site. See this resource: Write a Compelling Meta Description for Potential Clients. […]

  4. […] Meta-Tags: The meta tags; Title, Description and Keywords are great for the home page, but the same set is used site-wide. This would be another concern – unique meta-tags are very important to show that the pages are also unique. These tags should be relevant to the page they’re on, remember it’s Page Rank, NOT Site Rank:) […]

  5. […] Let’s take a closer look at a category he features called “Talent Selection.”  This page now has a page rank of 3 and if you do a Google search for talent selection, Ed’s site is ranking #10! So far, so good-but let’s dig deeper. It’s not enough to get traffic and start ranking-we want conversions and the all important Cash Flow!! This page does not have its own unique meta description-having one will increase the chances of potential buyers clicking through. The title bar has a few keywords which is a start in the right direction! You may recall we suggested using this format for including more keywords and letting the reader break up your material. Ed has started to incorporate this on the page. You will also notice that he has also incorporated the all important “call to action.” You really are doing a disservice to your online marketing efforts if you don’t include that call to action frequently!! We have recently added analytics on the page so Ed can measure the response, or not, to this page and it’s information-we all know this has to be tweaked periodically, right? As you can see, once the code is cleaned up-there still remains a lot of work to be done-page by page! […]

  6. […] you are seeing is the Meta Description of your business. This is something you can and should control. You want to have a Meta Description […]

  7. […] Back in October I commented on an article posted over at SEOmoz Blog. The post was about splash pages and Oatmeal made a few specific comments : Search engines will spider the splash page instead of the real content. Search engines won’t be able to spider beyond the splash page. How about that-Fast forward to late October and a new search engine optimization client of mine here in Denver, Colorado. […]

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