SEO from a Mile High View

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Denver SEOMaybe I’m lucky that my Website Search Engine Optimization firm is located in Denver Colorado. Up here you can see for miles and your mind is not as cluttered. I always liked the way that Rand over at SEOmoz defined SEO :

“optimization involves researching the right terms to target, modifying the site to be search-engine friendly and marketing/promotion of the site to improve popularity.” Read the rest of this entry »

Confessions of a Black Hat SEO?

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Internet MarketingA client sent me a copy of an email last week titled Confessions of a Black Hat SEO. When I saw the client this morning at Starbucks I mentioned the article, and thanked him for passing it on. I then said, nothing new but all valid points. He looked surprised and said : “We’ve never talked about My Space and how about Squidoo?” Alas, he was right-I didn’t think they were worth the effort at this stage of his Search Engine Optimization efforts!

Which brings up an interesting point for those doing their own Internet Marketing SEO efforts or for SEO firms helping clients-What are the biggest payoffs early in the game? Here is a list of things I focus on :
1. Get a blog to supplement your Internet marketing program-be sure that it is linked to your website and that your website is linked to your blog.
2. Set up your WordPress blog to automatically ping all the search engines.
3. With every blog post use your Technorati tags and tags. Those two things alone are huge and will greatly increase your traction with search engines.
4. Always use your keywords in your tags as well as your categories.
5. Give your readers an option to use RSS feeds as well as email sign ups.
6. Try to incorporate keywords in your URL.
7. Don’t only tag your keywords in Technorati and but also tag your keyword phrases.
8. Read your analytics program daily and incorporate keywords and phrases that potential customers are using to find your blog. A few of my favorites are : Site Meter, Stat Counter, Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.
9. Start an aggressive link building campaign.
10. If you have a website and it is nowhere to be found in the search engines the chances are pretty good you need a rewrite of your site. We recently did a modified rewrite for a client who had flash on his site. Less than a month later, critical web pages are showing up in Google searches. If I had to do it again-this is the very first think I would have clients focus on.

There you have it. These are the critical components I would focus on in your SEO efforts. There are countless other things you can do-but I feel these will give you the biggest bang for your buck!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and Holiday Season and we look forward to helping you all have a very prosperous Happy New Year!

Steve Mertz
SEO Priorities!

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The Best SEO Efforts Won’t Solve Error Messages

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Today I went online to order the best almond toffee in the world-Enstrom’s Almond Toffee. This is made in my home town of Grand Junction  Colorado and it really is a great gift to give! But, when I went online and put in my order an error message came back and asked me to re-enter my order. I did so and got a new message that the site was down for maintenance-Ouch!! 

Small business owners work very hard on their SEO and marketing efforts-so be sure that your site is up to par as we head into the Christmas Holiday crunch!

Steve Mertz
You Can Order Over the Phone!

Making SEO Sexy Again?

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Kalena is one of my favorite, female SEO reads. She point us to an article today about a sexy SEO discussion. I point out the fact that Kalena is female, and a great read in the SEO arena. She is on my blogroll along with Natasha Robinson, of That Girl From Marketing fame! That makes a grand total of two female SEO experts. I lead quite the sheltered life-but surely there are many others. If you are one would you please shoot me an email and I will be happy to add you to my blogroll.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since Kalena had this article about Sisters (in Tech) Are Doing it For Themselves. This is my favorite sentence from her post :

“Certainly the seach blog landscape has its fair share of loud macho stereotypes, always trying to one-up each other with jargonized posts, pointless SEO ranking competitions or bizarre territorial pissings.”

You have to love a woman who calls em like she sees them! Damn, I’m just sorry that I was kidding about Hooters today!

Steve Mertz
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PS. I read in an SEO book that I should only link out and not ask for any incoming links becasue it will hurt my Google Page Rank…Just in case this is not the case let me know if you would like to exchange links 😉

Denver SEO luncheon Schedules

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SEO LuncheonThe week of December 18-22nd will be the last of our SEO Luncheons for 2006. The next two Denver SEO Luncheons will be December 19th, 1PM at Yia Yia’s Eurocafe and the December 21st, 1PM SEO luncheon will be at Wellshire Restaurant.

I’ve had some requests to expand the luncheons beyond my south east Denver neighborhood-so let me know if you have some other locations in mind. We will be scheduling a SEO luncheon in Colorado Springs in January. Next week I will publish the full Denver SEO luncheon schedule for January and February 2007. Let me know if you have additional suggestions for SEO luncheon locations.

PS. No, “D”, we will not be holding the SEO luncheons at Hooters!

Steve Mertz
Denver SEO Luncheons

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Denver SEO Meeting

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I was meeting with a potential client last week. They are a small business here in Denver Colorado with a pretty typical problem. They have a website that gets no traffic, has flash that is not done correctly and they have no web presence when potential customers are doing a Google search…sound familiar? In addition, they want their new website design to address the needs of distributors, contractors and home owners-they sell products for remodeling. But what really struck me about these Denver business owners is when one of the partners asked me : “How will you get contractors to click on our information when they find us in a Google search?”

What a great question and clearly the essence of any small business doing Internet marketing. I told him the cold, hard truth-We could not guarantee that any contractor would click on their information in a search. We can only increase his chances by having meta descriptions on each page of his website and put the appropriate copy and keywords on each and every page. In addition, there are some opportunities for him to address the contractors needs directly through the use of a blog and writing white papers that we will place on his website.

This problem is not confined to Denver Colorado business owners needing search engine marketing but rather is representative of small business owners everywhere. As I told our potential client, it’s not enough to address the concerns of his potential clients, the search engines must also be addressed through the judicious use of headlines and appropriate keyword density. I’ll keep you posted how we fight this battle.

Another thing this client really brought into focus is bad website design-again, not a unique problem to Denver Colorado business owners and search engine optimization firms! It drives me crazy to have to point out to customers that their $5,000 website needs to have a total make over to make the code more search engine friendly. Please, before you have any web design firm in Denver Colorado or your city, design your website-ask them to detail how they are going to make your site search engine friendly. If they have that blank look on their face-give us a call!

Steve Mertz
Denver SEO Tips