Denver SEO luncheon Schedules

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 18-12-2006

SEO LuncheonThe week of December 18-22nd will be the last of our SEO Luncheons for 2006. The next two Denver SEO Luncheons will be December 19th, 1PM at Yia Yia’s Eurocafe and the December 21st, 1PM SEO luncheon will be at Wellshire Restaurant.

I’ve had some requests to expand the luncheons beyond my south east Denver neighborhood-so let me know if you have some other locations in mind. We will be scheduling a SEO luncheon in Colorado Springs in January. Next week I will publish the full Denver SEO luncheon schedule for January and February 2007. Let me know if you have additional suggestions for SEO luncheon locations.

PS. No, “D”, we will not be holding the SEO luncheons at Hooters!

Steve Mertz
Denver SEO Luncheons

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  1. Well, I don’t think there are any Hooter’s restaurants in Denver…and I’ve not heard raving comments about their food. But, all suggestions will be considered!

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