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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 18-12-2006

I was meeting with a potential client last week. They are a small business here in Denver Colorado with a pretty typical problem. They have a website that gets no traffic, has flash that is not done correctly and they have no web presence when potential customers are doing a Google search…sound familiar? In addition, they want their new website design to address the needs of distributors, contractors and home owners-they sell products for remodeling. But what really struck me about these Denver business owners is when one of the partners asked me : “How will you get contractors to click on our information when they find us in a Google search?”

What a great question and clearly the essence of any small business doing Internet marketing. I told him the cold, hard truth-We could not guarantee that any contractor would click on their information in a search. We can only increase his chances by having meta descriptions on each page of his website and put the appropriate copy and keywords on each and every page. In addition, there are some opportunities for him to address the contractors needs directly through the use of a blog and writing white papers that we will place on his website.

This problem is not confined to Denver Colorado business owners needing search engine marketing but rather is representative of small business owners everywhere. As I told our potential client, it’s not enough to address the concerns of his potential clients, the search engines must also be addressed through the judicious use of headlines and appropriate keyword density. I’ll keep you posted how we fight this battle.

Another thing this client really brought into focus is bad website design-again, not a unique problem to Denver Colorado business owners and search engine optimization firms! It drives me crazy to have to point out to customers that their $5,000 website needs to have a total make over to make the code more search engine friendly. Please, before you have any web design firm in Denver Colorado or your city, design your website-ask them to detail how they are going to make your site search engine friendly. If they have that blank look on their face-give us a call!

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