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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 25-01-2007

Paulette Ensign is the owner of the next site we are reviewing today called Tips BookletsThis site has great potential! Credit is owed to those who put forth the effort to build good content and back links, and that effort was rewarded by Google giving it a PR5 on the home page.

This site is already placed on the first page of Google for ‘small business promotion’ and other like terms – and that’s out of over 40 million! Well done Paulette!

That alone shows us that this site is ready to rank for terms that will sell products, if the site undergoes a little revising.

While the rest of this review is to address issues with the site, I want to be clear that it’s already in good standing – but it can be better.

The best way to start is from the top.

The Banner: A large picture of text – not actual text with keywords. A basic CSS command could convert this area to use actual text with relevant keywords for each page while using the image as a background. The result would be the same cosmetically, but lend relevance to each page.  There is more that can be done with the logo as Knox explains in his SEO blog.

Navigation: This is a Javascript menu. Though it’s nice cosmetically and provides a way for users to drill down to internal pages, search engine spiders can’t. This is a priority issue with this site, for the discovery of internal pages is paramount for ranking for more terms as well as boosting the PR of each page of the site.

Because of this menu system, many internal pages have a rank of 0 while the home page is 5. Again, a CSS solution would give the site a boost while providing the same look and feel of the current menu AND open the site to the search engines too – yummy spider food!

Meta-Tags: The meta tags; Title, Description and Keywords are great for the home page, but the same set is used site-wide. This would be another concern – unique meta-tags are very important to show that the pages are also unique. These tags should be relevant to the page they’re on, remember it’s Page Rank, NOT Site Rank:)

Internal Pages: This site is ready to sell, but we aren’t identifying it as such to Google.

The internal page like the example above have the same tags as every other page as mentioned, but it’s lacking content. The short description of the product is nice for the users, but the search engines would prefer more. The description could be expanded, perhaps include excerpts from the product for example. While we’re here, let’s give that product title an H1 tag to show the search engines it’s a headline.

Conclusion: This site is ripe and ready to hatch. Though it’s not popping up for the perfect terms, it’s very possible. It just needs some polishing with the things we can’t see but the search engines do. My thanks again to Knox for all his technical insights on how to make the spiders love this site even more!

Steve Mertz
SEO Review



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