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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-02-2007

I received an email last night from a professional speaker who has many great domain names parked over at Go Daddy. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that somehow this is going to help you in your efforts to generate more business-so let’s look a little closer at what we recommend to our clients. Google likes to see a domain name that is hosted with content before the “aging” process begins. You are hurting yourself by not getting your domain name hosted and including some information.

For example, let’s say you were sitting on the domain name Presentation Skills Training.

These are the steps we would recommend to start your search engine optimization efforts for this name. Step one is to get it hosted and put up a one page description of services. You may want to have an H1 heading titled Presentation Skills Training-“Learn the presentation skills necessary for effective public speaking. Presentation skills training is ideal for the executive presenting at a shareholders meeting or for presenting to an executive committee for that $20 million dollar contract. Presentation skills training will eliminate your fear of public speaking and turn a good public presentation into an excellent presentation-one that is memorable and repeatable.”

If you really felt good you might want to have another heading with a supporting paragraph under it as well. Don’t forget to write a great meta description of your page .

By hosting your domain name and writing a short paragraph or two you have the ball rolling for search engine optimization for the term Presentation Skills Training-If you are really ambitious you may want to put the name in a blog and write a post as you desire. At the very least do get your great domains hosted and start the aging process for Google and your potential clients! Good Luck.

Steve Mertz
SEO Speaker
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