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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 05-02-2007

Shep SEO ReviewToday we’re reviewing This is the site of my NSA buddy, Shep Hyken. Shep is an expert in the customer service training area. Like Ruby, he too is a “Rock Star” in this space and should be in the top three of a Google search!

This site is a little different than the prior reviews where navigation and metadata were the main concerns. This site has elements working for and against it, and this article is to cover some possibilities to increase its’ search engine presence.

This site is actually a collection of three site;, and a blog. Most of the technical points of this article reflects the source of, but the overall strategy of the site as a collective could be leveraged to work in concert.

The main site is built using the Yahoo site building tool and leaves many artifacts within the page. A true html editor or professional software package (and modern coding techniques) would slim the overall quantity of excess code (called code-bloat) down to a content rich page, greater in keywords than math formula.

The use of meta-tags is good, except a unique description would benefit each page. The search engines view a “new page” as a “new topic” and the descriptions should be different by rule. I would also reverse the order of the Titles for each page, putting ‘customer service’ at the beginning.

Shep uses keywords within the body of the pages well, showing me it was considered when written. (Good job)

Using the three sites that have moderate rank, PR can be funneled to the most important part of the collection. I would choose one site to emphasize and use an internal and external linking structure to literally make the main site more powerful. Think of it as wearing high heels, where a slim lady can certainly hurt your toe with the point of one shoe where the same lady wouldn’t be noticed with the same weight spread out by wearing flats. Like the spiked heal, we could punch that site through to success.

I don’t see any major navigational problems, all the internal pages are discoverable. I would just be sure to label all the internal pages with unique titles and descriptions. Saying goodbye to the Yahoo site builder and using a better software would slim the code and speed up the site. After this, and re-linking the 3-site community to work in concert and get a few more back-links, I’d just wait for Google to update their search index and smile.

Shep also has a fun cartoon of himself in a few places within his sites. This little guy could be a great way for the always needed ‘call to action’, I could see the cartoon strategically placed to guide a visitor through the site and eventually collecting information.

Steve Mertz
SEO Review

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  1. H Steve – Thanks for the review. I will put your ideas to work. By the way, your program on the SpeakerNet Teleseminar was excellent and filled with valuable ideas and strategies. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at the National Speakers Association winter meeting later this month.

  2. Thanks Shep. You’ve done a great job getting yourself noticed on the web! Look forward to seeing you late this week in Denver! Best, Steve

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