Denver Mitsubishi Dealers

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 18-06-2007

denver mitsubishiA Starbucks buddy of mine owns Quality Mitsubishi located in Littleton, Colorado. He is in the process of a website redesign so I took a peek. As you can imagine auto dealers in Denver are very competitive and there are several Mitsubishi dealers located in Denver and the surrounding areas. Henry, is a typical entrepreneur who happens to own an auto dealership with a lot to consider when it comes to advertising those Mitsubishi cars! For example, the average Mitsubishi dealer has a yellow page presence, radio, TV and Internet website. That’s a lot of money going out the door. I was surprised to learn that not only does Quality Mitsubishi have a website but I noticed that they also had a fairly active Google AdWords program as well.

I counted over seven Denver Mitsubishi Dealers and they too are selling new and used Mitsubishi automobiles. Now imagine that Henry has a really nice Porsche Carrera Turbo that he took in on a trade for a new Mitsubishi. He wants to move it quickly so he might consider buying Google AdWords for the phrase Porsche Carrera Turbo Denver-the costs for buying high demand AdWords like that can really hurt your advertising budget! As we have discussed here before-if you are going to have an active AdWords campaign for your automobile dealership you would be served well by having a fantastic landing page. The other essential ingredient, as pointed out by Knox, is to read Cat Seda’s book : How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders! Pay close attention to page 155 if you want to save a lot of money on your AdWords campaigns for Mitsubishi Dealers!

Mitsubishi dealers in Denver have their work cut out for them to be on the first page of a Google search. They have to consider new as well as used Mitsubishi dealers in addition to showing up well for Mitsubishi service in Denver as well. Just about the time that you feel you are wining the search engine wars for showing up first for Mitsubishi dealers in Denver it dawns on you: I also need to rank well for the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Galant and the Mitsubishi Lancer as well-A tall order for a website design but I’m sure my buddy at Quality Mitsubishi is up to the task-Good luck and continued success!


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  2. It sounds like a complicated thing. Kind of like what I face here in New Jersey with everyone searching town names, and needing to cover 6 or more town names for real estate, mls search, home search, and REALTOR. I have a few nailed down but only a few.

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