Women of SEO

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 17-07-2007

One of my favorite SEO reads is Rae Hoffman, also known as Sugarrae. Today she has a great post on A note to my fellow women of SEO – with a subtitle of Rants in Bitchland! Rae know how to attract readers and encourage foolish men to comment :0 But not me! Rae always has thoughtful and succinct posts that cut to the matter: “For the record, I don’t respect either of them for being a “woman’ in this industry. I respect them for their business sense, knowledge and contributions to search engine optimization. And that is why you should respect them too.” Pretty cool! Rae can sometimes come off as a little rough and tumble but I think she is a huge Teddy Bear. One of the most inspiring and touching posts for me was written by Rae. She was wishing her son CJ a Happy Birthday and explaining her introduction to Internet Marketing. Her son was born with serious health issues and she wanted to stay at home as much as possible and provide a good living for them. If you need a great pick up and a kick in the fanny read this post and take her advice and donate to one of my favorite charities: The Ronald McDonald House. Nicely done Rae!

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