SEO and Writing Great Copy

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 17-12-2007

Writing great copy for your website and using sound SEO principles can be one of the same. Potential customers must think that the copy is written just for them and the search engines must believe the same. If these two needs are not addressed you will find it difficult to succeed with an online marketing program.

For your SEO efforts you want each page to have its own meta description. This is something that your customers don’t see but the search engines must see a strong description summarizing the unique content on each page! Ask your propeller head how you can incorporate this-if they look at you with a blank stare-fire them.

We work with a lot of professional speakers who generally have the worst websites in the world when it comes to being search engine friendly 🙂 They have soo much to say that I’ve actually read entire pages of websites without any keywords to be found! This will definitely put you on Santa’s bad list! no keywords santa is sadIncorporating great keywords into your online marketing material is really very easy. Start with a fresh page in word-don’t try to edit your current marketing piece. Let’s pick on SEO Speaker, since that is the term I rank for and have the most experience. Since your headline is one of the first things the spiders read the term SEO Speaker should be the headline-don’t mess around with cute headlines, get to the point. Your readers and the search engines will reward you. When I mention cute headlines I point out my friend, Gina Schreck and her blog title “Sergeant and the Jolly Trolley Man: Leaving a legacy of joy.” While I find the post scintillating…I would rather see Gina have a headline of Sales Presentations Seminars – one of her areas of expertise! Once you have your headline written, write a few sentences to support that headline. Yes, please do use that phrase and vary it somewhat so that the search engines get a different view and it helps your reader understand because you are telling them your unique expertise. Google loves when you tell your unique expertise using unique and authoritative content. Make another headline with a variation of your keyword phrase and support it with a few sentences. See, this really wasn’t so painful-by doing these simple steps you will find that you are head and shoulders above most of your competitors! My propeller head would drag me behind the company Ferrari if I failed to mention having great code in your websites and blogs! If the search engines can’t spider your entire site without code bloat you will find it hard to make the first page of a Google search.

Please feel free to comment on this article if you have questions or want to share some great SEO tips that have you on the first page of a Google search!

PS We only want to hear about organic or natural search-not those of you who have gone over to the dark side of Google AdWords!


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  1. Thanks for the plug–as always!! I’m sure you were just “minding your own business…when you came upon my blog!”

    Hee hee–I’d better learn how to do this eh?

  2. Thanks for being such a good sport Gina! As a matter of fact….I was just minding my own business when I came across your blog. I’m very anxious to see you on the first page of Google!!

  3. Thanks Knox,
    I think a company Hummer is a great idea and a plausable explanation on why we will have rate increases come January 2008-A man’s got to have a ride to Starbucks, right?

  4. Hi Jim
    First thing, file a spam report to Google on all of those folks above you..surely, they’ve done something wrong 🙂
    Actually, I’m not an expert in real estate seo and I’m sure you will be better served working with someone who is in this street fight daily! Good luck, Steve

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