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SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-02-2008

Internet marketingMany small business owners have depended heavily on the Yellow Pages to get their marketing message out. This type of marketing has made some business owners very successful-but times are changing. Consider this:

  • A recent study by the Kelsey Group, an independent research organization, found that 43 percent of consumers search the web to find a local merchant.
    They also found that 54 percent of users have substituted the Internet for their phone book.
    51% of consumers conduct research online before making an off line purchase.

Having al your eggs in the Yellow Page basket may hurt your marketing success. More of our business client are hedging their bets and in some instances-putting the majority of their marketing effort into an online marketing program. The majority of our business clients choose custom blogs to deliver their marketing message.

Custom blogs give clients many advantages:

  • They are search friendly for the big three search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN
    Business blogs can be updated by the client without hiring a webmaster to make simple changes
    Blogs are ideal for making special announcements or introducing new product lines
    Because blogs can be updated frequently-the search engines visit your site more frequently.
    Customers can leave comments and give you immediate feedback on your products and services

The time is now to implement a custom blog into your marketing efforts. A well designed blog and training will be one of your best marketing investments of the year-Good Luck!

Steve Mertz
Blog Consultant


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