Domain Names and SEO

Filed Under (Domain Names) by Steve Mertz on 21-11-2010

Many attorneys are still struggling with domain names and how they can help their SEO efforts. Attorneys struggle with the fact that they are very proud of their firm names and have spent a lot of time and money on the brand. We’ve all seen attorneys move from the yellow pages onto the Internet with a long, non descriptive name, which does not help their SEO efforts-what’s an attorney to do? Let’s suppose for a moment that a law firm build a website using their firm name. Let’s further suppose that most of their revenues come from auto accidents. If a budget allows it, you would be well served to choose a name like Denver auto accident lawyers. By choosing this domain name they have greatly helped themselves by including geography, Denver and auto accident lawyers, what they do. While a good domain is not the end all it certainly does not hurt SEO efforts.

I’ve covered this subject before in the post great domain names waiting for SEO and Starting an SEO Campaign.  From my perspective, many law firms are using domain names that help their SEO efforts and building entire websites around a single theme such as Denver auto accident lawyers. If the area of practice is profitable enough, consider a descriptive domain name with its own website!