Google Search Results

Filed Under (Local Search Marketing) by Steve Mertz on 23-02-2011

I came across a timely blog post called How to Test your Organic Ranking Objectively. This is something that comes up frequently so please read the article and I’ll give you a capsule summary of it here as well.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you want to rank #1 in a Google search for the phrase Denver Dentists. You go to your computer, put in the phrase and you show up #1 in the Google organic search results….but are you absolutely sure? Read the rest of this entry »

Being Number One in a Google Search

Filed Under (Linkbuilding) by Steve Mertz on 15-02-2011

David Segal wrote a great article in the Sunday New York Times, called The Dirty little Secrets of Search. This is an article that every small business owner should read especially if you have ever asked: What will it take to get me on the first page of a Google search?

Segal takes us through a short case history of JC Penney and their efforts to appear on the first page of a Google search for terms like dresses, bedding and area rugs, to name a few. All of their SEO efforts came to fruition and they had a great Holiday season; appearing on the first page for several terms. The dream of every business owner is to appear on the first page of a Google search, preferably the number one or two spot. What’s the value of being number one in organic search?

According to a study last May by Daniel Ruby of Chitika, an online advertising network of 100,000 sites, found that, on average, 34 percent of Google traffic went to the No. 1 result, about twice the percentage that went to No. 2 These resuts are for organic, or natural search results versus pay per click.

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