Importance of a Killer Landing Page

SEO Article Posted by Internet Marketing Speaker on 26-04-2012

You Need a Killer Landing Page

I recently was talking with an attorney here in Denver looking to target specific groups of individuals. For our purposes let’s say he was looking to target folks for class action status on securities fraud. He wanted to target potential clients with specific ads on Facebook and linkedIn. That is the first piece of the equation and fairly straightforward. 

The next step is where many advertisers make a very expensive mistake. Keeping with this example, suppose I was a holder of the stock called Accretive Health (AH) that got massacred yesterday. Let’s further suppose that I then clicked on the hypothetical Facebook/LinkedIn ad and was taken to this landing page: Harwood Feffer LLP Announces Investigation of Accretive Health, Inc.

This ad would be analogous to your SEO optimized landing page on your website. It gets right to the point, answers my questions and I’m not forced to read a bunch of superfluous information. Most importantly, there is an immediate call to action!

Too many ads I see on Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn bring the user to the home page or some page that has nothing to do with the reason I clicked on the ad in the first place. By having a killer landing page you can increase your conversions dramatically which goes right to the bottom line.

If you need advice on great ad copy or making killer landing pages you have found the right site! Notice if you will, that you do want to include social media such as Twitter and Facebook-to drive additional traffic to your landing page. Call or email me for a free consultation on the best way to reach your target market.

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