How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders

Filed Under (Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing) by Steve Mertz on 29-03-2007

Internet MarketingI just finished reading Cat Seda’s book How to win Sales & Influence Spiders: Boosting Your Business & Buzz on the Web. This book is a huge task and Cat covers a lot of ground in a way that readers will find appealing. Some of the topics covered are from “Winning the SEO Battle” to “Blogging for Business.” Cat does a good job of introducing readers to many critical Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Marketing and SEO

Filed Under (Online Marketing) by Steve Mertz on 19-03-2007

Lee Oden has a post today on Monday Online Marketing Links. One of the links was a mention of Cat Seda’s new book, “How to Win Sales and Influence Spiders” which focuses on leveraging SEO and online PR.¬† Well, of course I went over and took a look at how she might suggest we¬†leverage SEO and PR. I was surprised and disappointed when I was face to face with that long toilet paper roll page Read the rest of this entry »