Google AdWords and Marketing Tips

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Using Google AdWords can be an effective way for new web sites to get online exposure. If used correctly, they can increase the chances of your Internet marketing efforts succeeding. We all know Read the rest of this entry »

How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders

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Internet MarketingI just finished reading Cat Seda’s book How to win Sales & Influence Spiders: Boosting Your Business & Buzz on the Web. This book is a huge task and Cat covers a lot of ground in a way that readers will find appealing. Some of the topics covered are from “Winning the SEO Battle” to “Blogging for Business.” Cat does a good job of introducing readers to many critical Read the rest of this entry »

Denver SEO Luncheons for January

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Internet MarketingHappy New Year! It’s time to start the Search Engine Optimization luncheons again. The complete Denver SEO luncheon schedule for January is now ready. We are still meeting for an hour and a half and are adding a few topics that readers have suggested :

1. How to determine if your web designer has any ideas about SEO.

2. How do you determine what categories you must dominate.

3. The best tools for cracking into the top 10 of a Google search for your category.

4. How your pages can be optimized to put more money in your pocket.

5. What tools you need to monitor your results.

A handout will be provided and we look forward to meeting you at our informative and relaxed luncheons!

Steve Mertz
Bring your SEO questions!

The Best SEO Efforts Won’t Solve Error Messages

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Today I went online to order the best almond toffee in the world-Enstrom’s Almond Toffee. This is made in my home town of Grand Junction  Colorado and it really is a great gift to give! But, when I went online and put in my order an error message came back and asked me to re-enter my order. I did so and got a new message that the site was down for maintenance-Ouch!! 

Small business owners work very hard on their SEO and marketing efforts-so be sure that your site is up to par as we head into the Christmas Holiday crunch!

Steve Mertz
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Search Engines Love Splash Pages-Competitors Please Use Them!

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SEO DenverOK-search engines don’t really like splash pages and now the whole world will know thanks to Oatmeal over at SEOmoz Blog! Many of my professional speaker and consulting buddies have been convinced by a web designer that a flash page will really catch a persons attention and help their business-Wrong!

Oatmeal makes very specific comments, including:

1. Search engines will spider the splash page instead of the real content.
2. Search engines won’t be able to spider beyond the splash page.
3. Most users immediately click “skip intro.”
4. Slower connections will have to wait for the page to load.

He goes into more detail and I would urge you to read all of his article: How to Convince a Client They Don’t Need a Splash Page.

Do keep this in mind though-If you are offering SEO services in the Denver, Colorado area-You should completely disregard his advice and keep using those good looking flash pages 😉

Steve Mertz
Give Search Engines A Chance!
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How Long Will It Take Google To Find My Blog?

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starbuckscoffee.jpgI was in Starbucks yesterday talking to an entrepreneur. He is working on a book that will make math easy for even the worst of us. Naturally, my advice was to start a blog-even though he is not finished with his book.

He assured me he could not do that because his book won’t be ready until January of 2007-that’s when he would need a blog to help promote sells of his book…Really! Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your blog on January 1st and 30 days later your blog was completely indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN?
Start-ups often feel that they can’t start building buzz via a blog until everything is ready-Get over that misconception. Like all good entrepreneurs he is operating on a shoe string budget so he won’t be able to buy AdWords to get the word out. Rather, he needs to start blogging now, giving a tease now and then about his revolutionary teaching method and sharing his journey with readers. He also needs to start cultivating incoming links from influential sites-this all takes time!

It’s never too early to start telling the world about your great idea and start hoping that the search engines find you. I’d say he would be lucky if he started blogging today and had any meaningful traffic by January-What are your thoughts?

Steve Mertz
A Startups Journey

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SEO Advice-Start With A Blog!

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Boulder, CO, SEO4startups.comReturn Path is a Colorado based company that is currently ranked #167 in the years’s Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Thanks to the heads up provided by Brad Feld who writes the blog, Feld Thoughts. What lessons might you learn from the success of Return Path?

The first one that really jumped out at me is the fact that they use a blog to tell the world about their products and services-not a conventional web site. Obviously, they have a great product with a strong management team to be able to achieve their current success-but go over and check out their excellent blog before you build a web site!

1. They have a very clean and uncluttered layout.

2. You can subscribe to their blog by RSS or email

3. Their posts are succinct and informative

4. They use keywords in their titles and posts

5. They have a Google page rank of 7-that is very strong and clearly shows that they are getting a lot of notice and a worldwide audience is seeing their message.

Clearly, Return Path is doing a great job and is another reason you may wish to explore using a blog to get your message out and more importantly, help generate Cash Flow for your startup!

PS Brad Feld is a Colorado based Venture Capitalist and I am also Colorado based-it’s that Colorado thing going on today! 


Steve Mertz

Great Job Return Path!

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