When Attorneys Dissolve the Partnership

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How many Denver Criminal Defense Websites have you seen with this warning:

Do Not Speak to the Police Before You Call Us!

The majority of Criminal Defense Websites say this-and it’s just not Denver; it’s coast to coast. I think many individuals who have faced criminal charges would agree that this is excellent advice. Let’s put a different spin on this situation that I recently experienced first hand-When Attorneys Dissolve the Partnership and the financial consequences of your Internet Marketing Program!

If you are involved in a breakup with your partner-Don’t agree to anything until you call Steve Mertz for a consultation! Read the rest of this entry »

Websites and Internet Marketing

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I’m sitting here at my favorite Starbucks in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Prominently displayed is the new book by Howard Schultz on How Starbucks Got Its Grove Back or How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul!!

I’ve met some very interesting small business owners at Starbucks and they too sometimes feel as though they are fighting for their life when it comes to Internet Marketing. Two examples come to mind:

The first Read the rest of this entry »

Denver Tree Service

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A client asked me about using Dex Knows for his Internet marketing efforts. He wants to show up in the category for Denver Tree Service. Back in the day, all he had to do was to buy the biggest ad in the Dex Yellow Pages and he could make a very good living…times have changed.

I always believe that when anyone tells you how they can help you  in Internet marketing; you should check them out. So, I put in the search phrase Denver Tree Service and found Dex Knows on page 5. I don’t know many people that will go to page 5 when they are looking for a tree service in Denver. Furthermore, if you do click on their listing for Denver Tree Service you simply see a lot of listings that make it difficult to make informed decisions.  If Dex was really a search engine powerhouse shouldn’t they be on page 1? Just food for thought when you are making those budget decisions for Internet Marketing.

Denver Personal Injury Attorneys

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You can bet that the Google search for Denver Personal injury attorneys will provide you and your SEO efforts with plenty of challenges! The majority of personal injury lawyers get their business from automobile accidents in the Denver area.

So, let us puruse the category for Denver Automobile Accident Lawyers since we have had so much fun at some of the SEO efforts here…We have found another winner. Here is the message you get from one of the searches:

personal injury

***MONITOR–WEB IS ALIVE*** on ***CHECKING FILES ON LOCAL SERVER*** Checking d:\data\iis\mailroot\Badmail: No Files Found. …

That’s a pretty darn impressive result for the search Denver Automobile Accident Lawyers! Such a competitive heading where maximum SEO efforts should be expended including: link building, great content, website spider-ability and use of social media-only to get that error message. All you funseekers out there would be wise to do a search for your primary searches occasionally!!

Google’s Search Links

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The complaints keep rolling in about Google’s search links and the fact that their links are above those of non-Google sites in the results page. Search results are definitely skewed these days-sometimes it’s hard to figure out whats going on. For example if you do  a search for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado you see the place page ads for attorneys and under you see the top ten searches for divorce attorney Aurora Colorado. Life is good so far.

However, if you do a search for Denver auto accident lawyers you get dramatically different results. The entire first page is consumed with 7 place page ads-there are four organic searches on page one.  So much for all those SEO efforts!  It’s interesting to note that the search results will vary by the time of the day as well….

Google responds to its critics:

their goal is to provide users “with answers as quickly as possible and presented in a way that’s easy to read and understand.”

Sure…. Google’s new money maker program presents new challenges but in the end if customers aren’t satisfied with Google searches they will go elsewhere-to be continued 🙂

The search engine wars continue!

SEO Tips

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Randfish pointed out a great article on SEO for beginners. This is a great overview for small business owners to read and understand before they engage a SEO firm!

We are always on the lookout for SEO joint ventures. If you have a product, preferably something pretty mundane, shoot me an email. We build and maintain your site, optimize it for SEO and add social media. We have existing relationships that we would be happy to share results with you.

Thanks, Steve

Are You Selling Your Veterinary Practice

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I had the pleasure of meeting with National Veterinary Associates today to talk about best practices for SEO and how they can increase there presence on the internet.

Denver Construction Defects Attorneys

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Higgins, Hopkins, McLain and Roswell. They are one of the prominent construction defects attorney firms here in Denver, Colorado. They focus on representing general contractors and developers in both residential and commercial construction law suits.

Having been in business for over 8 years they know Colorado law and are very effective in helping clients to develop and implement risk management strategies necessary to avoid litigation.

Construction Defects Attorneys

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We had the pleasure of meeting with the firm of McConaughy & Sarkissian located in Denver, Colorado. one of there areas of specialties includes Construction Defects.Construction defects is a new area of interest for me, I learned that it is multi-party complex litigation involving single family homes. condominiums and town homes, and apartment buildings. Many actions are brought by homeowners associations or property managers.

Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys

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We had the pleasure of meeting with Insurance Consulting Services LLC. located here in Denver, Colorado. Malpractice Insurance for attorneys is a new field for me. However, if you are an attorney you know how critical malpractice insurance is for your business.

Insurance Consulting services serves attorneys with their malpractice insurance needs in over 44 states! ICS brokers are experts in this type of coverage and can offer access to more carriers than any other brokers. Because of this we find you the best malpractice insurance without regard to using a specific carrier. In addition, all of our agents are attorneys.