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Small business owners who rely solely on a brick and mortar location have had a brutal Holiday season. As expected, retailers had one of the worst holiday shopping seasons in decades, with sales falling by double digits in nearly all categories according to Spending Pulse, a macroeconomic report by Master Card.

The report said that in November retail sales sand 5.5 percent compared with a year ago. On a brighter note, online commerce sales were much brighter. Amazon reported its “best ever” holiday sales season.

If your organization or association is looking for the perfect search engine optimization (SEO) speaker to help your members succeed online, call me. As an SEO speaker I help small business owners bring their marketing programs online. If you or your association members did not have the Holiday sales you needed; call me to help your sales efforts.

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10 Free Things to Optimize Your Blog or Website for SEO

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nsa coloradoOn Friday I had the pleasure of sharing SEO tips with the National Speakers Association-Colorado Chapter. If you ever want to have a chance to show up on the first page of a Google search-remember this cardinal rule: Google rewards you for unique and authoritative content! Here are the website optimization tips Read the rest of this entry »

The Three Best SEO’s in The Land

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I ‘m sure we all have an opinion on who is the Best SEO in the land. The SEO Guy recently shared his vote. He named Rand Fishkin, Jim Boykin and Denver, Colorado’s own, The Knox! Congratulations to all three of you! I don’t personally know Rand or Jim but their work speaks for itself. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Knox and working with him for going on two years and he is one brilliant guy when it comes to understanding the complete SEO picture-putting money in the clients pocket!!

I know what you’re thinking…there are no great Women of SEO? Well, you’ll have to get a definitive answer from the SEO guy but I have mentioned several of them before. If you feel that you too should be on this prestigious list please do add a comment. Congratulations again to you three top dogs and keep adding to the clients bottom line!

Steve Mertz
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Is Your Web Site Search Engine Friendly?

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Search engine optimization experts often find many things to disagree about-sometimes it seems there is little common ground! Here is one thing that we all agree on-For your web site to end up on the first page of a Google search it must have unique and authoritative content. We have discussed the importance of having great keywords on your title bar and how it is the first thing search engines normally read. The meta description is also a powerful tool to help you with search engines and potential customers as well. If you don’t know what all that means-that’s OK, just be sure you hire someone that does. Read the rest of this entry »

Optimized Press Releases

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We have been offering optimized press releases and posts for selected clients. A press release that is optimized for the search engines is one of the most effective and quickest ways for a business to generate traffic to a website. If your website is nowhere to be found in a Google search and you are spending thousands of dollars a month on pay per click-then yes, we are talking to you! We have talked about the struggle of getting out of the Google Sandbox and having your site actually show up on the first page through search engine optimization techniques. Read the rest of this entry »