Internet Marketing for Mom and Pop

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David Pogue has an interesting article in The New York Times today called Mom and Pop Get a Partner: Microsoft….Really? I enjoy David’s insights and the knowledge he brings to the masses-most of the time he is right on, case in point:

Has it come to this? Is Microsoft’s innovation engine so dead that the only way it can grow is to buy other companies? The answer is yes, David!

He goes on to say: Read the rest of this entry »

Search Engine Wars

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I only use Google for my searches and since 90% of my clients find my site and products using Google-I feel like I’m in good company! Do you really care that Yahoo could never beat Google? I don’t really care that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo in a feeble attempt to crush Google in the search wars. Andy Beal is struck by Google attempting to argue that the merger would create a dangerous monopoly. LOL

While it’s nice that Microsoft has an extra $45 billion Read the rest of this entry »

Google AdWords and Marketing Tips

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Using Google AdWords can be an effective way for new web sites to get online exposure. If used correctly, they can increase the chances of your Internet marketing efforts succeeding. We all know Read the rest of this entry »